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June 2017 Monthly Manna

Devotional by Dr. Lillie Stokes from Clinton Alumnae

May 2017 Monthly Manna

Devotional by Soror Katrina Smith from Loudoun County Alumnae

April 2017 Monthly Manna

Devotional by Dr. Trish Harleston from Durham Alumnae


March 2017 Monthly Manna

Devotional by Soror Jalita Johnson from Delta Xi


February 2017 Monthly Manna

Devotional by Dr. Trish Harleston from Durham Alumnae


Trish Harleston
Durham Alumnae - Committee Chair


Vicki McCain
Greensboro Alumnae


Alycia Marcena - Durham Alumnae


Schrendria Robinson
Richland County Alumnae


Katrina Smith - Loudoun County


Jacque Hood Martin
Loudoun County


Lillie Stokes - Clinton Alumnae


Carolyn Marks - Smithfield Alumnae


Karen Wicker - Sandhills Alumnae


Tayon Dancy
Western Wake Alumnae


Bemedicia Mangala - Iota Rho


Micaela Gladney - Pi Omicron


Jalita Johnson - Delta Xi


Hilton Cooper - Florence Alumnae


Patty Smith - Shelby Alumnae


Cassandra Evans
Knightdale Wake Forest Alumnae


Debra McKoy - Raleigh Alumnae


Kim Johnson
Newport News Alumnae


Lydia Simmons - Portsmouth Alumnae


Tammy Wheeler - Lancaster Alumnae

Commit to the LORD whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3 NIV

It's Not Without Purpose

by Rev. Trish Harleston
South Atlantic Regional Chaplain

Periodically we will encounter days when we have to remind ourselves that our work serves a much greater purpose than we are often able to conceptualize. I believe that our minds are incapable of fully comprehending the purpose for which the Lord desires to use us.  It is for that reason that we must commit to trusting God even when we don’t understand His plan.


The exhortation presented in 1 Corinthians 15:58 encourages us to “be steadfast and immovable in the work of the Lord for our labor is never without purpose (not in vain).” This text not only serves as a reminder to remain loyal and faithful when situations seem unfair but also it serves as encouragement when we are struggling to stand with stability upon a foundation that feels unreliable and unsteady.


The Word of God says that we must not waver in our efforts to get the work done.  Even that work that frustrates us, or in the environment that discourages us or during those situations that attempt to distract us from the goal – none of it is without purpose.


We must learn to embrace the idea that even when our labor does not feel as if it is yielding result, it is still serving a greater purpose. For this becomes the motivation that keeps us moving when retreating seems to be the easiest and most logical answer.


Therefore, remain steadfast and immovable – and keep doing the work.  Nothing that you do to serve others is ever wasted – it is never without purpose.


When you have given it all that you have to give and it just wasn't enough; even when you've encountered your toughest trial or received your most discouraging report  - hold on, hang in there and keep doing the work. 


For, in God's time, you will see that the work and the purpose far outweighs the pain.

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